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Our kids are worth of phenomenal education! Our task is providing them with the skills they will need in their future life. With the adequate skills learners can success in life and build a good future for themselves.

Pedagogical change is urgent, because the skills the learners will need in the society and working life of the future have changed dramatically. In addition, our knowledge of how human beings learn has also greatly increased in the last few decades – but pedagogy, teaching practices and school structures have not really developed accordingly. Educational reform is needed in order to provide learners with modern and relevant skills and with genuine joy of learning.

Phenomenon based teaching and learning use the natural curiosity of children to learn in a holistic and authentic context. Holistic real-world phenomena provide the motivating starting point for learning, instead of traditional school subjects. The phenomena are studied as holistic entities, in their real context, and the information and skills related to them are studied by crossing the boundaries between subjects. Phenomena are holistic topics like human, European Union, media and technology, water or energy.This enables students also to learn 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity, innovation, team work and communication.

Re-thinking from Finland !


phenomenon based learning


Believe in learning


Phenomenal Education is a site for educational leaders, policy makers, school principals and teachers who believe in learning and who want develop education system and practices. This web site contains introductionary material, tools and resources for systemic development and for building schools of the future.

With pedagogical leadership and these tools for changing the pedagogical culture and learning enviroments, schools and educational institutions can make their own way into the future.