Re-thinking from Finland !


phenomenon based learning



is a computer scientist and an expert in digitalization. He also has a background in learning psychology and pedagogy.

He has worked as a long-time researcher and developer of eLearning, and he has created new innovative concepts, pedagogical practices and planning methods that are widely used in the Finnish education system.

The objects of research and development have included leadership, the change of operational culture, digital learning culture, phenomenon based learning, learning processbased teaching, methods of designing learning objects and  cognitive tools, innovative digital learning environments and PLEs, as well as technological and pedagogical solutions of mobile learning. The research and development have taken place both in the business and public sector as well as the research sector.

Silander currently leads the digitalization strategy process of the Helsinki school district as well as Stadi eCampus, a systemic development process of a new digital learning and teaching culture.

email: pasi.silander(at)